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Re: If you could have coffee with Kate Mulgrew what would you say?

If I had coffee with Mulgrew, I'd first want to thank her for being Janeway and thus a childhood hero and inspiration of mine. (That's a large step from scaring me years earlier as the lady from Throw Mama From the Train, lol). I'd then ask about her current projects, etc. and just life stuff.

I concur with Bujold. I know many cite not liking Janeway because they don't like Mulgrew's acting, voice, etc. but all I can say to that is we could have had Bujold...anyone who says she's better than Mulgrew must be drunk....or from another planet.

I love Mulgrew, yes she can be an over actor, just like Shatner, but that tends to sometimes translate with those with theater backgrounds. Stuart was able to find that balance, many actors can't. Personally, I think it played to her advantage as Janeway was supposed to be more human than human in a sense. I think her voice is kinda sexy, but hey, to each their own. *shrugs*
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