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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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STO was so addictive for a few days, but I sort of got sick of it. Then again, I did everything alone... is it much more fun with actual people? Someone try to convince me to come back. I don't want to give up on it yet!
Did you try already all of the career options and try PvP and PvE stuff? I am not personally bored of the game, yet anyway.
One of the reasons is maybe the fact that I am running the game on low graphics and all the beautiful screenshots I am seeing are proof that I must replay all the missions again, just to enjoy the graphics in full.( computer upgrades..arrive soon!)
I have to say that one thing that I am missing from Star Trek online are the the kind of social roleplaying that I saw quite a lot in Champions one could often see ppl in the games club, sitting in the bar and shooting the character. It kind of brings life to the world of the game.

I am honestly also a bit disappointed that many of the Klingon missions are often the very same ones that you play on the Federation side. I know there are some different ones also, but I would have hoped some more totally new content for the Klingons. I feel that its bit done in a "copy and paste" fashion( I do enjoy the Klingon side anyway, though).

Anyway I have been promoted to Rear Admiral(lower half) and I have a new ship:

I decided to go with the fleet escort and I am pretty happy with my choice, so far.
I also bought couple of extra character slots from the Cryptic store yesterday. I am planning to create a alien of my own(engineering) and maybe a female Vulcan as a science officer
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