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Re: Your Love For Amok Time !!!

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classic episode of course with the famous ending.
"Captain?" "Jim!" and Spock's reaction
Spock’s emotional reaction to seeing Kirk alive, and his “logical” rationalization of it, were amusing to watch. But we’d already seen McCoy supposedly die and get doubletalked back to life in “Shore Leave.” Later, Scotty would die and get doubletalked back to life in “The Changleling,” and the same thing would happen to Kirk two more times — in “The Tholian Web” and “The Enterprise Incident.” Cheap writing. These were the stars of the show; we knew they weren’t going to die. (Well, at least not until M*A*S*H.)

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These are the days of "you can't show two people in bed in the movies unless they each have at least one foot on the floor", and he's talking about mating.
Um, you’re thinking of 1937, not 1967. But TV censorship was a lot stricter in those days. It was a big deal to let Kirk use the expletive “hell” at the end of “City on the Edge of Forever.” And no open-mouthed kisses!
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