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Re: Farpoint Audio Glitch?

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Remastering: The HD transfer is clearer, brighter, but there is a bit too much grain. I know the logic behind leaving it there, but hopefully they will use some noise reduction for the season 1 discs.
They probably have already. But my personal opinion is that they should absolutely not use any (or any further) noise reduction than what we see here on this sampler disc. On the original camera negative, the grain isn't really noise, it's the actual picture information -- the silver halide crystals (or grains) that were exposed to light. This is the way film looks. I say, keep the fine detail.
I had to use the multiple techniques at my command: both the visual settings on the bluray and tv to get these to look decent. Some grain is fine, but the episode was so bright, it was just too obvious.

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