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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

Yeah, they looked the same to me as the originals.

I've not watched "The Inner Light" yet. It's honestly not an episode I'm gung-ho over and think another episode could've been chosen to show things off for this set but it is a highly acclaimed episode.

After watching EaF and Sins of the Father I was just greatly impressed with the episodes' looks. I mean wow. I do think the CGI matte at the opening of Sins looks odd. I don't know what it is just something about the way the stars are moving but the ships are still? It just looks off. Hopefully it's a shit that'll be mended/redone when the S3 set comes out.

I also think the rainbow stars in the warp-out shot look odd as well they're too obviously fake if that makes any sense. They should've replaced the warp-stars with the look used in Voyager as well as the "warp flash" when the ship jumps to warp. (Rather than the giant flash that consumes most of the screen even though the ship has warped into the distance.)

But, on the whole, I think everything looks good. After watching "Sins" I watched the other episodes in the Worf arc on DVD and, ugh. It's hard to watch.

Also, on the BD I had to watch it in 4:3 as the various settings for filling the screen on my TV didn't "stretch" the picture right (on DVD the edges are stretched more than the center). I don't exactly like doing that due to unevenly wearing the TV, but I guess it's also not too big of a deal. I'd still rather have the OAR of 4:3 than the show being artificially made into 16:9 or by using a wider frame which might show elements of production. (Hell, that already happens a few too many times in the series as it is!)

It's going to be a loooooooooooooooong-assed wait for this series to complete its release to BD. But, man, these episodes do look fantastic and they're likely very much a work in progress.
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