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Re: Refit Dreadnought.... Question?

Well yes in a nutshell. What I laid out boils down to being more efficient with less. It does not necessarily follow that it would lead to bigger, but fielding such smaller ship in the face of an opponent's bigger damage sponge ship, they would need to bulk them out to absorb more damage and to take the greater stress the stronger engines would place on the hull. Having a more compact hull with engines up against the hull.....with the newer stronger engines would be smart for hull strength( if a stronger warp field up against the ship doesn't fry everyone on board first...) , but would kill you in a more sluggish turn mode in the tradeoff due to less leverage the engines would have on the hull. (downside....less tactical maneuverability...bad news in a close in toe to toe knife fight...downside you have to burn way more power to keep parity in manuveurability in a close in fight....not smart with larger hulls that are more sluggish....) Compact would be the way to go with maxed out shield capabilties. But to cram that much more power int oa hull means you have to compromise and going up in size in that early an era is gonna be near impossible to avoid. So your idea of a Kirov would be feasible if it weren't for the fact that at looking at the picture it would most likely also not qualify for the upgrade due to it sporting the DN secondary hull which kicks it up into a larger size class which would disqualify it as a DN hull. ( Although it more qualifies as a Fed CVA / CS strike carrier with a smaller power curve since it lacks the 3rd warp engine. ) The Kirov pictured here is pretty but would most likely be passed on the upgrade due to being too big and being too valuable unit to pull out of service for the upgrade. That is why ( I believe ) the in the FJ SFB universe the Fed BCH and variants ( New Jersey, Montana, Kirov, Shri Lanka, etc.... ) filled the vacuum of the lack of DN's and CVA's till the cheaper CX conversion came online in the TMP refit. ( CX<DN cost )

Whereas the Fed CA to CX TMP conversion is flirting with that sort of upgrade, the Excelsior is out of the box bigger and designed to dish and take more than the CX frame plussed out could. THe Excelsior would more qualify SUPERCEDING a true FJ dreadnought in size and in power despite a smaller size ship with the newer technology could match parity with a DN which would be less. Or in simpler terms....a Excelsior is > CX upgrade due to the disporportionate leap of superiority designed / built into it from the start. ( a simple force multiplier scale for comparison.....CA=1, BCH= 1.4 DN=1.5, CX=1.75, 2nd gen CXX+ tech{ Excelsior}=2.75 )
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