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Re: Refit Dreadnought.... Question?

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Since the Dreadnought is of the Frans Joseph Universe I wish cautiously float an opinion which may not fly here. I'll base my comments in SFB fleet management since it is platformed on the back of FJ. Since the FJ dreadnought was the pinnacle of non-X class technology, when the X-class technology was rolled out in the TMP refit the dreadnoughts were deemed to new and too expensive to be worthy of the X-class upgrade. ( But the DN hull still saw the DN+ and the DNG upgrade to address it's initial design shortfalls.. ) With the X-class technology making old cruisers more powerful to where a Fed CA now with the warp and weapon's amplification now can match a dreadnought and smaller ships can now deliver the same performance. In other words old worn out hulls the Star Fleet can afford to gamble with on an experimental refit will get the upgrade while top of the line risky to gamble with reliable front line status would not.

I'm of the opinion that the FJ Dreadnought would not be upgraded due to the expense of upgrading the most valuable expensive hull class when the next marginally smaller new class with newer technology can match the capability of the Fed DN. Newer is cheaper to build for the capability than totally overhauling a top of the line in service unit while on active duty that would not match the capability of the newer X-class technology for the capital expenditure. One less sentry guarding the front line if you do, and a whole lot more expensive if you do exercise the option. Double loss. FWIW...
Actually, what you are saying is a very logical approach that fits well with STAR TREK cannon. In TMP, the refit Enterprise was called "an almost entirely new" ship. Years later, the new NX-2000 Excelsior was called "the Great Experiment". If upgrading to a heavier platform with more bulk, weapons, and nacelles was the answer to bolstering the Federation fleet militarily, why wouldn't the new Enterprise or Excelsior adopt the dreadnought philosophy... unless the refit Enterprise and NX-2000 Excelsior were the virtual dreadnoughts of their respective days in the first place?

I'm not dismissing the possibility of the Federation deploying a limited-production warships, but if Sisko's Defiant is any indication, a Federation warship of the TMP/pre-TNG era would likely be a relatively small, simpler design. So maybe the Federation's idea of a battlewagon would be more like a suped-up destroyer-like ship. (Kirov with armor?)
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