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Re: AVENGERS - movie Discussion, News, Interviews, Pics till release 2

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why do I always think that Hawkeye looks cool?
The Widow enters the battle with guns and looks confident.
Hawkeye enters the battle with a bow and arrows and looks... concerned.

I was hoping Hawkeye would have his cool mask since they let Cap keep his.
but in fairness, that one picture of one moment in time, it should not be reflective of anything but that.

Besides im sure he is just focused on his aim, and it will take some strength to pull the bow back, this isnt a kids bow you pick up at the Robin Hood museum in Nottingham.

As for them seemingly being together alot, I kinda figured, it was both because they were characters associated with SHIELD, and whilst they may share a poster, they are not worthy of a poster in there own right.

That said if Marvel want to make a Hawkeye and BlackWidow prequel movie, which covers there relationship up to "The Avengers" I have no objection to that.
Focused? He's got a really shitty form. I don't see how he'd get a decent anchor point like that.
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