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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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They now offer a starter pack for Federation captions. Ooh, shiny...
Meh.. I pass...

so now we are supposed to buy actual gear from the store...

now I am afraid to go on the STO forum!
A dollar for gear you'll outlevel in an hour. ONO GAMEBREAKER.
Well, reaction to the pack are more amused so far it seems...
that gear is not gamebreaking, no. But it`s a ripoff, since 30 minute playtime after the tutorial nets you the same stuff..
If it makes Cryptic happy to sell that stuff, let them. Im certain there are people out there stupid enough to go for it...

It will get interestng when they start selling ENDGAME gear like this because this was so successful.
Spoiler me one more time! I dare ya! I double dare ya!
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