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ENTER! Avatar Contests: Acquisition / Ferengi from TNG to ENT

Previously in the Enterprise Avatar Contest...

od0_ital wrote: View Post

And that concludes this week's avatar contest!

Tyin' with my entry for the lead is our official winner & next contest runner, HopefulRomantic!



Comin' up in second place was JiNX-01's entry!


I've also got a winnin' entry in the theme contest!


With Admiral Shran comin' in second!

Admiral Shran

Congratulations all around, and thanks everyone for the votes!
Thanks again for the votes!

Next up we have Acquisition. Any episode with Jeffrey Combs is automatically a great one.

The theme, care of my co-winner od0, is Ferengi from TNG to ENT! You may choose your Ferengi from any Trek show(s).

The voting thread will go up this weekend. Have fun, all!

I'll start things off:



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