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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

CW is riffing on Hunger Games! They just greenlighted the pilot for...
The Selection, which until recently had flown under the radar, also hails from WBTV. Based on the forthcoming series of books by Kiera Cass, it is described as an epic romance set 300 years in the future that centers on a poor young woman who is chosen by lottery to participate in a competition to become the next queen of a war-torn nation at a crossroads.
Also going to pilot at the CW:

...romantic time-travel musical Joey Dakota ... based on the successful Israeli half-hour series Danny Hollywood, it centers on a documentary filmmaker who travels back in time to the 1990s, where she meets and falls in love with the rock-star subject of her film. When she unexpectedly returns to present day, she must find her way back to the past to reunite with her love and prevent his untimely death.
The Selection sounds interesting, Joey Dakota a lot less so.

Pilot season is winding down a bit early this year, but there are a few sf/f series still in contention.

A "Jeckyll & Hyde" drama at ABC - I've heard of two in contention, one of which centers on "a female criminal psychologist in San Francisco who is drawn into the mysterious world of a brilliant but inhibited scientist and his volatile alter ego."

The "Jon Favreau/Roberto Orci/Seth Green/Michael Dougherty sci-fi drama" at ABC is Ex-Comm, or used to be called that, basically a government-backed X-Files (sorta spoils the fun, doesn't it? )

Hieroglyph (FOX) and Revolution (NBC) - action-adventure series that may have sf/f elements, details as yet being skimpy.

With the CW picking up several pilots, looks like they've passed on Deadman.

So far, not much news from cable-land...
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