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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Wow, support? I came up with that on the spot!

I think four clubs from one country for the CL is too many. Especially when there's only 3 for the Europa beneath. Could flip that around... or bring back the Cup Winners Cup for, well, Cup Winners.

I'm not sure about the FA Cup losers point - Stoke are the only Europa side from England who are giving the Europa a good fist (maybe Brum I suppose). Depends on who the loser is, I guess - someone like Arsenal or City wouldn't worry too much about it, Stoke/Everton/Villa might.

Nothing will ever change though - promotion/relegation is just too costly to stop teams priortising league over cup. Teams would rather the ridiculous windfall from winning the play-off final than winning the FA Cup. And sadly that attitude has spread from the boardroom to the players and the fans. I don't buy it at all - a trophy is a trophy, and how many teams ever win one compared to how many get promoted for a handful of seasons? Would yo-yo clubs like Brum and WBA really like to stay as they are bouncing up and down divisions rather than going and winning a cup?*

*Brum probably not the best example as they won the League Cup last year and got relegated to boot. Fans loved it though.
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