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Re: Masterpiece Classic: Downton Abbey 2x01

I read that PBS cut scenes for the American viewing. I went on to Amazon and purchased both sets, uncut UK version.

William's death was so sad. However, I figured it would happen. As soon I knew he was going off to war with Matthew I figured he was a Red Shirt.

I did not see them killing Matthew as the family having to adjust to the new heir was a large part of season 1. (They had already killed the heir Patrick and I did not think they would go there again.) However, I did not see them giving him a spinal injury either.

That was a great way to get rid of Lavina and give Mary an opening. But, now she is indebted to Sir Newspaper, and I don't see him giving her up.

Edith is growing on me. I love that she volunteered to take care of William.

The Dowager Countess is my favorite. I love how she made the Vicar marry Daisy and William. The old gal knows how to get things done. Her talking on the telephone was a hoot.
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