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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Of these seven episodes (A Simple Investigation, Profit and Loss, Counterpoint, Lessons, In Theory, Rejoined and Lifesigns) I'm noticing a theme - the "good" ones tend to involve either a relationship that already has history or one that doesn't really end in "love."

Profit and Loss - Quark and Natima have history.
Rejoined - Dax and Kahn have history.
Counterpoint - Janeway and Kashyk don't actually care for each other.
In Theory - Data isn't in love, he's just experimenting.

Lessons - Picard and Daren fall in love immediately.
Lifesigns - The Doctor and Denara fall in love immediately.

A Simple Investigation is the only one that bucks this trend. Odo and Arrisa have no history yet the episode still somehow manages to rise above it and be good.
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