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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

There are good and bad people in any game. When I play a game it's for fun and relaxation. If someone in the game tries to take that away from me, I try to resolve it swiftly. If someone on my team is acting like an ass, I tell them to straighten up and if they don't they are kicked from the team and given an ignore. If I'm not able to kick them from the team, I ignore them, then leave the team myself and find another instance. As I'm frequently teamed with someone because they're seeking the engineering accolades, that leaves them grinding their teeth.

The best thing is to find a good fleet. My characters have had their share of bad fleets but I'm in some good ones now. The TrekBBS Armada is good but needs to grow some (and get Vent). The 47th Special Ops is a bunch of good ole boys. They are good for advice on ship builds and pvp plus keep a good bank. The Klingon Defense Fleet is also a helpful fleet with a good bank.

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