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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

I enjoyed In Theory, though I'm not sure why that woman who had had relationship trouble in the past would want to date an android? I enjoyed Lessons much more - Neela is a very strong woman who challenges Picard, and we even have an Inner Light reference thrown in for measure. It was a very touching episode.

I also enjoyed Rejoined, A Simple Investigation, Lifesigns and Counterpoint. These types of episodes can work when done well, but the writers have obviously have trouble avoiding the pitfalls of having a main character falling in love so quickly for a character we don't know or care about.


I love Defiant. I remember when I rewatched this for the first time, a few years after I first saw it. I remembered Jonathon Frakes popping up in it and just though it was a silly publicity stunt, which is probably true to some extent. I was suprised at how good an episode it was though. Dukat and Sisko had some good scenes together, and I loved that the Obsidian Order fleet plot point would later be revisited.

It also was fun seeing the Riker charm working on Kira, even if it wasn't Will Riker! I would have liked some sort of follow-up on him, even if it was in a Cal Hudson kind of offscreen way.
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