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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Well i just fired this up of late, and i must admit i am starting to enjoy it again, the space STF mission are a lot of fun......when i say fun i mean, normal STF are fun, elite it seems are full of loud twat's who do nothing but scream at people because are not doing what they scream over chat at them, or they are not using the weapons they seem to think they should be using in the elite ones i steer clear of those and just stick to normal STF which seem to be filled with more easy going people.

Also having fun with the weapons this time round, on my cruiser i always had phasers all round, but this time i found that a nice mix of 2 heavy dual beam banks and two cannons fore, with 4 turrets at the back really packs quite a wallop.

I have to admit the game is coming along at last........also nice to see they already started the a nice surprise when i logged in stipend wise, soon have enough to buy the Dread crusier.
In my experience the guys who act like that are the wannabes, the ones who think they're l33t but really aren't. Ironically, the guys who really are the elite, seem to be genuinely great people. I've was privileged enough to get the chance to do a few warzones with some of the top ranked PvPers in the world on SWTOR back during early access. I said flat out that I was a PvP n00b and they didn't care. We totally facerolled and I was an epic leech. But they were all really cool about it and gave me lots of tips and advice along the way.

And from what little experience I've had with members from top raiding guilds from other MMOs, they seem to be pretty much the same way. It's like they have nothing left to prove so they can just chillax and share their knowledge.

But those wannabes are the exact opposite. They think that because they have accomplished a few things end-game that they know everything there is to know and that they deserve a certain degree of entitlement. If they don't get it, they spit on whoever got in their way.
Yup, I was once what players would call a hardcore elite back in EQ, my guild was one of a handful who broke into the Plane of Time-B in 6 months after it was released. I can tell you that just about all the top guilds were really friendly with everyone (okay, except for a few infamous ones like FoH). In general, we were on friendly terms with each other and routinely shared good natured ribbing, advice and tips. We frequently ran lower-tier raids for new players, gave them advice on what to do as well as all the raid boss drops. Despite this, I still constantly meet players who automatically assumes elite players are a bunch of cocky chaps.
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