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Re: "In The Pale Moonlight" Line-by-Line

Sisko: It's only been 2 weeks. I need to talk about this. I have to justify what's happened, what I've least to myself. I can't talk to anyone else...not even to Dax. Maybe if I just lay it all out in my log, it'll finally make sense. I can see where it all went wrong...where I went wrong. I suppose it started 2 weeks ago while I was posting the weekly casualty list in the Wardroom. Every Friday morning for the past 3 months I've posted the official list of Starfleet personnel killed, wounded or missing in the war. It's become something of a grim ritual around here. Not a week goes by that someone doesn't find the name of a loved one, a friend or an acquaintance on that damned list. I've grown to hate Friday's.

Who is it Dax?
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