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Re: Does It Get Better???

The ship didn't even warrant a fully fledged Commander as it's XO.

Depending on which reference you hold stock to, "sometimes" they say that Voyager was Janeway's first posting as Captain, so really as far as her department heads go, she's wants loyalty and deference as much as competency and excellence, which she is more likely to get from a green kid than a grizzled veteran like "Carey".

Poor Carey.

Carey is in his 40s, it's possible he even served under Picard in 2364 (TNG Justice) and was it really that B'Elanna had more imagination, or that Carey's end game would have been XO or Captain if Kathryn hadn't so magnificently kneecapped the poor bastard in the first act.

It's amazing the man isn't bitter.
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