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"In The Pale Moonlight" Line-by-Line

Hi there!

We've recently concluded our "Body and Soul" Line-by-line over in the Voyager forum.

After each completed thread, I'm randomly picking someone who participated to choose the next episode we do. The lucky winner this time around was BlueStuff! And BlueStuff has selected "In The Pale Moonlight" to be our next Line bye line conquest! So, get ready for Romulans, Political Intrigue, Long Personal Log entries and Garak!

For any unfamiliar with our "game," you are asked to post only a single line (defined as one character speaking without interruption by another character) per message. You can post as often as you like, but someone else must post a line in between your posts.

As before, at the conclusion of this thread, I or my Emergency Medical Hologram, CoveTom () will pick someone at random from among all the participants to choose the next episode we do.
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