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Re: Future Imperfect

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HAFTEL: Her neural nets are laid down identically to yours?
DATA: There do seem to be some variations on the quantum level. She can use contractions. I cannot.
HAFTEL: An aberration. What have you done about this?

I think Timo or whatever its name is, just had a stroke

LOL leave the poor guy alone. I actually somewhat agree with him in that the series "says" he can't use contractions, yet they sneak in once in a while.

I always felt the need to have Data with that speech limitation not realistic at all. It would have been enough to have him talk formally as he always does without going to extremes.

I could have accepted at some point in the series that he decided to get a more realistic skin pigment to mimic his daughter's.

As for the episode, I always felt TNG cheated us too many times with the Romulans. They get us hard for a nice confrontation and then they leave us hanging with blue balls by yanking away the chance of a nice skirmish
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