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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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^ Absolutely, Profit and Loss has some good elements to to it (mostly because Quark and Natima have a history - they don't meet for the first time in the episode and instantly fall in love), but ultimately not as good. VOY's Counterpoint also has some good elements, in that actually allows Janeway to have some romance. But again, it's not that good.
Yes, I'm quite fond of Counterpoint, too. Of course, the revelations that Kashyk was using her and that Janeway never truly fell for it probably help sell it; it's not truly a lightning romance but a sad dream for Janeway that she was too smart to really buy...

To complete the 24th Century trilogy, were there any TNG episodes of the type that truly worked? Apenpaap mentioned "Lessons", but I don't remember it too well...
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