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I just got promoted to Rear Admiral and now I'm deciding on what my next ship will be.. Advanced Escort or Fleet Escort? Any suggestions?
For RALH, I suggest sticking with the Captain-level Defiant or Defiant Refit, with a strong preference towards the refit for its console space. Those Rear Admiral escorts just aren't much of an improvement, and at least one of them has a slower turn rate. I usually just hang onto the Captain Defiant until I can buy a Vice Admiral Retrofit Defiant.

I just wish it had one more science console slot so I could keep the Cloak, Assimilated Module, and the Impulse Capacitance Cell. I need all my ENG and TAC slots for actual Engineering and Tactical consoles.
Since I was being given a free ship, I went for the Prometheus class Advanced Escort. I don't know the actual stats of the ship, but the new ship seems to turn better and fly faster than the Defiant class.

On another related issue, I have been using solar system moons as names for my ships (Triton, Titania, Charon, Hyperion, Ganymede) and since Titan is a reserved ship name, I have officially run out of cool names to use for my ships. I would really appreciate any suggestions for the name of my final VA ship!
Have you used Dysnomia yet? It's the moon belonging to the dwarf planet Eris.
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