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Re: Why I've Come To Like "Angel" Better than "Buffy"

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With you on this. I love both shows dearly, though Angel a bit more. But interestingly, I do have more warm fuzzies in general about the characters of Buffy. Those two being two of the warmest and fuzziest.

The "Xander is supposed to be a loser in high school even though nobody who looks like Nicholas Brendon would be" thing always amused me. Joss even addressed it in a commentary track, basically saying "that's television."
Yeah, if you've ever watched the unaired pilot they had this girl as Willow;

and they replaced her with this girl

The 11th sexiest woman in the world according to FHM readers. It is a cliche, one reason I'm always amused by the thought of a girl who looks like Buffy having to work in fast food in season 6. The Last Action Hero has a great gag based on this (about the only one in the film)

I don't think the issue was so much her job, but how supposedly "socially awkward" she was supposed to be, and her "trouble" finding boyfriends.

Yeah, they tried to explain it away by having it be about her being a juvenile delinquent and stuff, but still-that's why premises like "the freshman" just made me laugh-a woman who looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar is going to have an awkward time in college?

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