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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I just averaged all of my episode scores for each season. To give you an idea of where I stand on a season by season basis, here are my average scores.

Season One: 5.06

Season Two: 5.65

Season Three: 5.62

Season Four (so far): 6.56

As you can see, season four is my favorite by far.
SMH @ your low score for season one!

I graded every episode out of 10 and took my averages as well.

Season One: 6.8
Season Two: 6.0
Season Three: 6.0
Season Four: 7.3
Season Five: 6.8
Season Six: 6.9
Season Seven: 6.7

Surprised that S6 was higher than S1 but there are quite a few gems to be had waiting for you in S6 too - 3 of my top 6 episodes are in Season six. But as far as I rank, its never as consistently good as in season 4.
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