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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

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I also watched Sins of the Father. The opening shot is likely a matte painting, because there is zero movement. The stars move, but the ships (both the D and BOP) remain dead still. It looks a little odd If I'm honest, but hey, its just the one shot. The rest of the episode looks crisp and detailed, and, well, while Sins of the Father isn't my favourate TNG episode, its a solid "average" ep in my opinion, and the HD treatment gives it a bit of extra shine to make it really engrossing.
Interesting. I guess Okuda was right after all about that being a matte painting and not a new CG model.

I'm fairly certain the ships we're seeing in that shot are still 3D models (in the case of the Enterprise, the same one we've seen other shots of) that were rendered together as a still image, rather than animation and possibly manipulated further by a 2D artist... hence the term "matte painting."

From Wikipedia:

Paint has now been superseded by digital images created using photo references, 3-D models, and drawing tablets.
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