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Re: Hurt / Heal - Voyager Episodes

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Look, Admiral Shran is picking away Shattered, one of my alltime favourite episodes, but he doesn`t like it. Well, it`s his decision.
That's how I've always assumed these games are supposed to be played. You slowly pick away at your least favorite remaining episode until it's been eliminated while slowly building up your favorites. If someone disagrees with you on an episode, it adds to the fun.
But the problem is that some people participate more than others, so constantly pecking away at the same episode creates an unfair representation. Which is why spreading it out is a bit better in my opinion.

hage 23
Eye of the Needle 21
Prime Factors 15
Jetrel 19

Cold Fire 23
Prototype 22
Meld 21
Deadlock 30
The Thaw 21
Resolutions 9 (-)

Future's End 11
Before and After 17
Distant Origin 22
Worst Case Scenario 13
Scorpion 23

Scorpion, Part II 15
The Gift 14
Scientific Method 15
Year of Hell 9
Year of Hell II 52
Concerning Flight 13
Mortal Coil 1
Message in a Bottle 17
Prey 17
The Killing Game, Part II 7
Living Witness 21
One 19
Hope and Fear 15

Night 23
Extreme Risk 11
Timeless 33
Infinite Regress 15
Thirty Days 7
Latent Image 7 (+)
Bride of Chaotica! 21
Bliss 31
Dark Frontier 18
Course: Oblivion 25

Survival Instinct 9
Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy 23
Dragon's Teeth 17
Pathfinder 3
Blink of an Eye 27
Memorial 22
Good Shepherd 20

Critical Care 13
Body and Soul 13
Flesh and Blood 11
Shattered 13

50. Future's End, Part II
51. The Killing Game
52. Basics, Part II
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