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Re: Improve the Third Season

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post
Ask Gene Coon what needs to be changed in "Spock's Brain" to get him to allow his real name in the credits...and do it!
You mean ask him to not take a contract job at Universal? Because that's the only reason he couldn't use his real name in any third season Trek episode, or put any significant time into Trek scripts.

I think he made the better personal decision to split in the second season, much as Star Trek suffered in his absence.

Harvey wrote: View Post
Freiberger didn't do a bad job, but the talent he brought with him didn't turn out to be a good fit, including Arthur Singer.
Arthur Singer was going to be hired anyway. According to his book, Bob Justman had him at the top of the list for third season Story Editor.

Improving the third season (which I enjoy greatly as it is) would only really happen if NBC put Trek at the early Monday slot. Then Roddenberry would have stayed on, along with Justman. Who knows who would have been asked to fill in? Would John M. Lucas been asked back? Probably not; for reasons not evenLucas knows, Roddenberry didn't seem to want him there. However, maybe someone like Don Ingalls could have been recruited. I could defintely see William Read Woodfield joining up. He and Allan Balter were leaving Mission Impossible (the timing may be a little off, I don't have my referneces handy) and Woodfield has been quoted as wanting to work on Star Trek. He would have clashed mightily with the re-writing Roddenberry, but some of the episodes that year could have been incredible.
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