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Re: The OFFICIAL STNG Next Level Bluray watch and review thread

I got my copy this morning.

And wow. You thought those frames looked good? In motion there really is a stark contrast between TNG I've watched since I was a kid, to the TNG in front of me now. I love the new title sequences. Encounter at Farpoint, well, its still Encounter at Farpoint. It looks fantastic, but that doesn't make up for the clunkiness of the dialog and plot. But believe me, it does look stunning. I think a shot where the E-D rejoins the saucer and the stardrive may be another CG replacement, however I could be mistaken. The CG shot when its separating though is indistinguishable from the model shots that surround it. If this is the quality of CG were gonna get, its gorgeous.

I also watched Sins of the Father. The opening shot is likely a matte painting, because there is zero movement. The stars move, but the ships (both the D and BOP) remain dead still. It looks a little odd If I'm honest, but hey, its just the one shot. The rest of the episode looks crisp and detailed, and, well, while Sins of the Father isn't my favourate TNG episode, its a solid "average" ep in my opinion, and the HD treatment gives it a bit of extra shine to make it really engrossing.

I haven't watched The Inner Light yet, but what I have seen is fantastic. Add in the fact that here in the UK at least they included a 5 mail in rebate which essentially gives you this sample disc for free (well, 1.99) and it's a real sweet deal indeed. I can't wait for the season 1 blu rays, which according to the flyer are coming in the summer, not the fall.

Guess we don't have that long to wait then.
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