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Re: Improve the Third Season

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SPOCK'S BRAIN: I don't approve of changing comedies.....but I suppose ...
Spock's Brain: I have more of a love for this episode than most, my only changes would be have the women possess good average intelligence. The teacher would still give them (and McCoy) superior smarts. Lose the ticky-ticky sound as Spock moves.

Also include a brief line in sickbay that when Spock brain was remove, the medulla/hindbrain was left behind. This would have explained how his body survived long enough for McCoy to place his body on life support.

The Enterprise Incident:
Retain the original idea that what the Enterprise officers stole wasn't a standard cloaking device, but instead a advanced prototype. Explaining why the Romulan ships couldn't track the Enterprise when cloaked.

The Paradise Syndrome: Show (new FX) the deflection beam emitting from the main deflector.

And The Children Shall Lead: Recast the Gorgan with a kindly, grandmotherly type actress.

CHAPEL: What would you like for your pleasant surprise?
STEVE: Chocolate wobble, pistachio, and peach ice cream.
CHAPEL: Here you go.
STEVE: This is vanilla ice cream.
CHAPEL: Isn't that a pleasant surprise?

Whom Gods Destroy:
At the risk of spending more money, I would improve the makeup of the Andorian character.

That Which Survives:
Have the Enterprise thrown a shorter distance. Only fifty light years? When the tricorder is set to automatic distress, a line that it for if a starship happens by.

Turnabout Intruder:
Change Janice's line to "Your life as a starship captain, doesn't include women."

I kind of like the idea of a Pride Parade thru the bridge
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