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Re: The highlights of Nemesis

One thing really stands out to me: there is a deleted scene (just absolutely stunning that it got cut) where Data and Picard have a short conversation about life, death, and time. It's beautiful and thoughtful and would certainly have not been out of place in any of the best TNG episodes. It ends when they clink their glasses together, toasting 'new worlds'.

I recently watched all of TNG, all seven seasons plus four films, with my partner, and watching it with her let me see it with fresh eyes- I revised my opinions on a lot of episodes that I didn't appreciate as a younger man, and got excited all over again about a lot of other ones. Naturally, we watched Nemesis last and naturally it was a disappointment. But after we watched it we played the deleted scenes, and that was the last scene we watched: as the glasses clinked together I got very emotional, because the scene was really the end of our journey with those characters, and it couldn't have been more perfect for it.

If Nemesis did nothing else right, that scene will always be important to me.

Link on youtube here:
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