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Re: Improve the Third Season

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Spectre of the Gun
Make the Melkots the formidable telepaths Spock warns of, and film the show on a complete Western town backlot, with the Enterprise crew in Western clothing.
That’s the perfect way to ruin the episode, IMO. Without its stylized, minimalist sets and surreal atmosphere, “Spectre of the Gun” would have been just another mediocre Earthlike-planet-on-the-Forty-Acres-backlot episode.

And the Children Shall Lead:
Make the children believably innocent-yet-dangerous, like little Anthony in the Twilight Zone ep “It’s a Good Life” or the kids with psionic powers in Village of the Damned. Have Gorgan the Friendly Angel played by a real actor, not a celebrity lawyer. And get rid of that suggestive fist-pumping gesture.

And make Shatner dial it down a notch or two when Kirk is losing his cool.
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