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Re: Improve the Third Season

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Your task : see if you can improve on poor Fred Freiberger's work - pick an episode or aspect of the third season that bugs you, and suggest how it could be improved.

Assume that, unlike Fred, after you've paid the actors, you have a budget similar to that of the first season episodes at your disposal.
In that case, hire more guest stars and extras. Restore that sense the first season had that there's a whole crew aboard doing all sorts of work in the background, giving it a more realistic texture. Also, do more location shooting. Or at least dress up the Stage 10 planet set more convincingly, as was done in earlier episodes like "Metamorphosis" (though I think they did a fairly good job with that in "Spock's Brain," at least).

Also, resist the temptation to give Spock all the exposition. In "Spectre of the Gun," Kirk and McCoy should've known more about Earth history than Spock did. And in "Requiem for Methuselah," did it really make sense for science geek Spock to be such a liberal-arts expert all of a sudden that he could recognize Brahms's handwriting and Leonardo's brushstrokes on sight?

Spectre of the Gun

Make the Melkots the formidable telepaths Spock warns of, and film the show on a complete Western town backlot, with the Enterprise crew in Western clothing.
The clothing maybe, but I disagree about the set. The minimalist, surrealist setting of the episode was a feature, not a bug. It was supposed to be unreal, after all, and it wouldn't have had nearly the same eerie, Twilight Zone-y atmosphere on a backlot.
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