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Re: Non Trek Fic: Lawndale and Sandi Griffin's Genie

Chapter 5: Part 4
“I don’t know if that lie was good, or not,” Louisa said, after Elias had talked to Sandi.

“Believe me, I don’t know either,” Elias said as they left Borders.

“Ok,” Louisa said. They went towards the food court.

“I don’t know what would happen if I just refused to answer,” Elias said.

“She wouldn’t know where to go.”


Scarlett heard the others coming down the stairs. She went to the stairs. “Scarlett, can you help Trent get his bandmates moving so we can go to my place?” Daria asked.


“We had arranged to meet some others there,” Stacy said.

“Ok,” Scarlett said. She followed Trent back to the kitchen.

Dennis arrived at the library after having ran from home. He saw Sandi leave. ‘That’s one place Elias could be, talking to Quinn about what she might have found,’ he thought.

He soon found Quinn.

“Why did you wish for that tornado?” Quinn asked when she saw him approaching. She stood up.

“How did you know?” Dennis asked.

“Elias told me, duh!” Quinn said.

“I thought it would be fun!” Dennis said.

Quinn’s face hardened. “Fun! You thought it would be fun! Leave. Now! Before I do something I would regret later!” she said. She thought a few unsavoury words about Dennis before reigning in her anger.

“Well, tell Elias that Andrea is after him too,” Dennis shot back before turning to leave the library.

“Great!” Quinn said, before deciding to look up genies in the encyclopaedia... ‘To hell with it!’ she thought.

Helen arrived back at her office.
“Did you hear about that tornado?” Marianne asked.

“Yes, but it’s gone now, thank goodness.”

“Yes, but it was a close one. It was a miracle that no one was killed!”

“I think it was,” Helen said in thought.

Marianne handed her some paperwork and Helen went back to her desk.

Andrea entered Main Street from Dega Street. She shook her head at the amount of debris. She could see that people were trying to clean it up. She decided to search the street anyway, to go from shop to shop...

Mack and Jodie left the Settlement, followed by Andrew. “I need to check something at the office, but I will be back by dinner,” Andrew said.

“I may do some searching in the meantime,” Jodie said.

“That’s my girl!”

“I will help her,” Mack said.

“A good idea,” Andrew said as he left.

“Where do you want to go first?” Mack asked.

“The Lawndale Mall,” Jodie said.


Joey, Jeffy and Tiffany arrived at the Morgendorffers at the same time as Jane and Tom, Mystik Spiral and Daria, Scarlett, Tananda, Stacy and Samara. Jake was already home, so Max parked the Tank behind his Lexus.

“We’re here first,” Max said.

“It doesn’t matter,” Nick said.

“Actually, Daria’s father was here first,” Trent said.

“You know what I mean,” Max said.
Tom parked his car next to the Lexus. Jeffy parked his car behind Tom’s rustmobile and beside the Tank. Daria parked the Plymouth behind the Tank.

“This is going to be crowded,” Daria said as she turned off the engine.

“Definitely!” Stacy said.

“Of course,” Tananda said.

They convened after Daria and Jane brought the chairs in from the kitchen, as there were too many people for the lounges in the living room.
Daria sat in the middle of the centre lounge. “To begin; we haven’t found the emerald, there was a tornado, there was a discussion between parents at a restaurant and we now have a larger group of people. Anything I missed?”

Everyone looked at each other. After a brief period of murmuring, Jane said, “That’s about it, Amiga.”

“Good,” Daria said.

“So, Jeffy, what did the parents talk about?” Stacy asked.

“For the most part, about how to look for the emerald,” Jeffy said.

“Oh,” Scarlett said.

“We were also talking about what happened at school.” He continued to tell the others what the parents were talking about prior to the announcement of the tornado...

Elizabeth Rowe left the Settlement. ‘At least that wasn’t a waste of time,’ she thought as she went towards her car. ‘I hope that the emerald will be found soon.’

Sandi arrived at the Lawndale Fruit Market at 5:03. She took about half a minute to determine that Elias wasn’t there.
“You aren’t, like, at the, Fruit Market!”

I’m at the North Dega Mini-Mart,” Elias said.



Great! I have to go along part of Dega Street,’ she thought with a shudder. “Fine!” she said with an edge. She pounced and powerwalked out of the Fruit Market.

Cedars of Lawndale
Kristen’s brother, Keith, entered the hospital room. Jennifer moved aside to allow him to sit close to his sister.
“I’m sorry I took so long, the debris from the tornado has played havoc with traffic. How’s my baby sister?”

Kristen blushed. “Keith! I’m sixteen!” she said out of embarrassment, and with mostly false indignation.

“I can see why you’re in here,” Keith said.

“It was a lot slower earlier,” Cindy said.

“Yeah,” Kristen said.

“Hey, you’re getting better,” Keith said.

Kristen smiled.

“I wonder what else is happening?” Jennifer asked.

“What do you mean?” Cindy asked.

“I mean with the emerald. Obviously whoever wished for the tornado no longer has it,” Jennifer said.

“That’s right,” Cindy said.

“I may look on the way home,” Jennifer said.

“Would be a good idea,” Cindy said.

“Yeah,” Jennifer said.

“I’ll keep the radio on,” Kristen said.

Jeffy finished telling the others about what the he and the others at the Settlement had talked about.
“That’s a lot of information,” Daria said. She glanced at Stacy.

“You want me to write it all down?” she asked.

“It would help,” Daria said.

“Sure,” Stacy said. She got a blank notebook out of her back pack and began to furiously write down what Jeffy had said.

Scarlett appeared to blank out for a moment. Tananda looked at her in concern. “What is it?” she asked. Scarlett stood up.

“I’m sorry, Daria, I have to go to Cranberry Commons,” she said.

“What?” Daria asked.

“It may have something to do with the emerald, or it may not. I just feel that I need to be there,” Scarlett said.

There was murmuring.

“Great!” Jane said.

“Are you sure?” Tananda asked.

“Absolutely,” Scarlett said.

“Are you going to need a lift?” Tom asked.

“Certainly, but your car is parked in,” Scarlett said.

“I’m not asking you to stay here, but you didn’t explain everything at the Pizza place or Jane’s,” Daria said.

“I’ll come back later,” Scarlett said.

“Good,” Daria said.

“I can give you a lift,” Trent said.

“Cool, so that car is yours?” Scarlett said.

“Yes, Janie and Daria were borrowing it,” Trent said.

“Let’s go,” Scarlett said.

As Scarlett and Trent left, Daria decided to ask Tananda about Scarlett.

Trent reversed out of the Morgendorffer’s driveway. “So, why do you have to go to Cranberry Commons?” he asked.

Scarlett paused, waiting until Trent had driven off before she answered.

“I’m waiting,” Trent said after he had driven off.

“It’s a feeling I have. More like a vision really, a mixture of both,” Scarlett said.

“Hmm,” Trent said, not sure what to make of Scarlett.

“It has something to do with the genie and the emerald,” Scarlett said.

“You said that at Daria’s house,” Trent said.

“Right,” Scarlett said.

“Anything more?

“It could be there.”

“Why didn’t you tell Daria?”

“I’m sure she wouldn’t believe me. She seems to be a very rational person.”

“She is, but Janie is less rational. You could have told her,” Trent said.

“Maybe,” Scarlett said as she looked out of the window.

Tananda stayed quiet.

“You are her friend, you must know something about her,” Daria said.

“I know Scarlett!” Tananda said vehemently.

“All I’m asking is; does she have some abilities that are usually considered impossible?” Daria asked.

“I’m not going to violate her privacy!” Tananda said.

“She isn’t going to answer,” Jane said.

“I can see that,” Daria said.

“So, what else are we going to do?” Samara asked.

“What I can tell you is what Scarlett and I were up to today,” Tananda said.

“Go ahead,” Daria said.

Tananda started telling the others about what she and Scarlett were up to.

Trent and Scarlett entered the Cranberry Commons parking lot. “Drop me off near one of the entrances,” Scarlett said.

“Sure,” Trent said.

“Thanks for driving me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I may like Jesse the most, but you are almost as good. Your singing is better too.”

“Thanks. I think.”

They soon came to an entrance. “Thanks for the lift, Trent,” Scarlett said as she got out.

Trent smiled. Scarlett shut the door and waved before turning to go into the mall.

As he drove away he thought about the enigmatic gothic girl.

Back at the Morgendorffers Tananda had finished telling what she wanted to tell. “...and that is it.”

“Wei-ird...” Tiffany said.

“That’s putting it lightly,” Joey said.

“So something else besides the emerald thing is happening?” Jane asked.

“According to Scarlett, yes,” Tananda said.

“But what do you think?” Jane asked.

“I think there is something to it,” Tananda said.

“Quite a lot to take in,” Daria said.

“Of course it is,” Tananda said.

“But a question would be; what can we do about it?” Jane asked.

“I’m not certain, we need more information,” Daria said.

Jane nodded. “we’ll wait for Trent to get back,” she said.

Elias went to a snack bar for afternoon tea. Another of his friends, Nicole Jameson came up to him there.

“Elias, is it true that you are running around town with Sandi Griffin, Dennis Monk and Andrea Hecuba following you?” she asked.

“I didn’t know that Andrea was chasing me,” Elias said with surprise.

“I just ran into Scarlett Hawkins-Le Faye. She told me,” Nicole said.

“Did she say anything else?” Elias asked.
“Nothing else,” Nicole said.

“Ok,” Elias said.

Quinn to Elias.” Elias had wished her a second walkie-talkie earlier.

“Quinn Morgendorffer, she’s helping me in this situation,” Elias said.

Nicole nodded with a slight smile.

“Report, Quinn, over.”

Mrs. Griffin is in the library,” Quinn said.

“Why are you telling me that?” Elias asked in wonder.

She might ask about Sandi, and you know how I react under pressure!” Quinn said.

“Oh, just make sure that she doesn’t see you,” Elias said.

I’m already doing that. I’ll call you later, bye,” Quinn said.

“Bye,” Elias said.

“It sounds like she just wanted to talk to you. Used Mrs. Griffin’s presence in the library as an excuse,” Nicole suggested.

Elias thought for a moment. “That makes sense,” he said.

Jeremy wandered along Main Street. He was pondering the events and the way they paralleled the occurrences in Smithton back in ’93. ‘But it could be anyone who has the emerald. It isn’t that likely that it would be someone who is like the way I was back then.’
He knew that something was going to happen the next morning to really send events out of control...

Trent arrived back at the Morgendorffers.
“Hey, Janie, Daria, Jesse, Daria’s sister’s friends, I dropped Scarlett at Cranberry Commons,” he said as he re-entered the living room.

“Ok,” Daria said.

“We need to plan how to look for the emerald during the night,” Jane said.

“Why? It’s not like people are going to use it in the night, are they?” Max asked.

“I would think that they would!” Nick said.

“Yeah,” Jesse said.
“I think they would use it during the night,” Jane said.

“Especially as it’s Friday night,” Daria said.

Trent sat next to his band mates.

“I’m not going to look for it during the night. Besides we have a gig tonight,” Max said.

“We do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look for it before hand,” Trent said.

Daria sighed as Mystik Spiral began to bicker amongst themselves.

“This isn’t getting anywhere!” Stacy said.

“I agree,” Daria said.
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