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Re: Does It Get Better???

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The thing to remember is that the DS9 sets were pulped, stolen and sold the day after production wrapped on the final episode.

They had a window and it closed, even if it was open when Message in a Bottle aired.
Message in a Bottle aired during season 6 of Deep Space Nine. They had another season and a half to do a crossover, if they wanted to.

I maintain that they didn't want to, and it wasn't needed.

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Without ruining it for the OP, there were 4 cameos by TNG cast members in Voy.
Riker in "Deathwish" was the first. So being out of production did mean anything.
I read your spoiler, but I was mainly speculating that an appearance by the Enterprise-E would have made more sense than an appearance by DS9 or any of it's crew.
Trust me, I wasn't disagreeing with you.
Just adding on to what you already said.
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