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Re: Does It Get Better???

Only because Paris never saw back to the Future 2 or back to the Future 3.


it was nineteen ninety 6.

They could have put virus on the botany bay, which would have invisibly infected Kirks enterprise 200 years later, and deposit time delayed mail into trustworthy computer systems that wouldn't have to survive world war iii.

failing that, Spock could be trusted to keep a secret for another century.

McCoy maybe, but Scotty had a serious drinking problem.

For gods sake Raine Robinson and Henry Starling helped build the Botany Bay, and that entire class of vessel! Why else would she have a scale model of it in her lab?

If they'd trust a Romulan with their secret origin, even though Telek Rimor seemed cool, why not Spock?

I always took the line "The Romulans have always been interested in Voyager" to be a nod to Eye of the Needle.

On Supernatural last week, the hauntingly attractive brother, lost in time, actually says "I'll use the Biff Styrategy!"

The Biff Strategy

I loath Supernatural.

You don't think everything that happened during Message in a Bottle was all part of Telek Rimor's plan from beyond the grave to get Voyager Home?
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