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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

The utter devastation of going undefeated through a 16 regular season and making it to the Super Bowl, only to have a historic season snatched away should be enough motivation to push the Pats past the Giants. If it turns out not to be then Bellichick is going to have to answer a lot of sensitive and not easy to answer, questions.

However, on the surface the Giants do appear to be quite capable of once again spoiling the Pats' coronation. They can put pressure on Brady, control the ball on offense, and have a quarterback with the skills and poise to add yet another Patriot's pelt to his belt. In fact, were it not for the substantial psychological advantage I believe belongs to the Pats, I'd pick the Giants by a 3 or less to win it.

The pressure is all on the Pats, they either win it and quell the demons created in 2007 or lose it and make their bitchdom to the Giants official. There is nothing in between, although I'm sure that if the Pats do lose to the Giants again a Pats fan or two will show up here to claim that there is.
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