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Re: Does It Get Better???

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With that logic, we might as well re-write every single episode that had the potential to be "so much more." It's not like the writers planned a DS9 crossover and failed. The episode was never supposed to be a DS9 crossover in the first place.

And honestly, the crew of DS9 was a lot busier with other things (like, ya know, the war). The Defiant would have had no reason to be where the Prometheus was.
No, not "exactly."

You folks are satisfied waaay too easily. Can't you see things for they could have been? What they SHOULD have been? This episode could have been completely epic, but instead they just do another humor episode with the Doctor. A good episode, I will admit, but nowhere near as grand and exciting as it could have been.

On the flip side it could have been a disaster.
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