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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Or from the viewpoint of the humans who just lost their worlds and most of their military capability, then actually managed to overcome their enmity towards a race when some of the members managed to prove to them that there was a bit more to them than "DESTROY ALL HUMANS!" A viewpoint that was not unreasonable until then.
Of course the "human" viewpoint was unreasonable. (I had to put "human" in quotes because of the number of supposed characters who turned out not to be human at all.) In any competently written drama characters will have different viewpoints as is inevitable for different individuals. We cannot actually say that there was much variety in viewpoints in the new series, which stems directly from the terrible writing. In particular, there is an perfect uniformity as to the origins of the conflict: EVIL Cylons came out of nowhere and attacked us good folk. This is an absurdity that makes the show pure Wisconsin cheddar at its very core.

Of course the real issue is the lens with which one views such foolishness, particular when it's perpetrated on the screen with such jaw-dropping pomposity. There's nothing at all in the new series to take seriously, precisely because the Cylons are such stupid nonsense. Naturally you can't see something so painfully obvious if you look at the world and its people through a lens of bigotry and ignorance. (I much prefer my "weird" lens.) Only through that lens can the new series look like serious drama. The show says that although Cylons are people, they are still demonic, so much so that God himself (even if he doesn't like to be called that) will strike them down at one fell swoop.

Since most of humanity was in effect slain by God, the show also says that by and large humanity is awful, especially that human pretension called civilization. The misanthropy that some complain about is not just real, it's blatantly obvious. Objecting to it is a sign of good taste and shows a grasp of basic morality.

The people driveling to the contrary must be driven by a belief that there really are demonic creatures driven by a satanic religion who should be exterminated, and feel ennobled by be willing to accept that a handful of these monsters might be redeemed by loving us good folk and proving it by killing their fellows. Thus, for them, the new series really does address profound issues. Again, this is bigotry, about living people. Redbaiting me doesn't cover up the perverted pleasure in genocide openly indulged by the new series' fans.

Was that at all necessary, to go on like that just to flame fans of another show?

Infraction for flaming, comments to PM.
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