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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer


That's a great story. I love it when rivals got pulled together in a cup game after years and years like that.

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I had a funny feeling you might post on here today

Well done anyway, not having a bad season are you.
I nearly didn't, but had to get the Swanselona dig in This season is bizarre - by rights we should be in transistion, yet this entire new team has come together so well so quickly and we're flying. It helps the Championship is so open and we got a bit of luck with the cup draws, but still. Incredible - and the team are so much more fun to watch too. No real sense of expectation, unlike the crippling weight of demand for success under Dave Jones (amazed he's still not taken another job yet).

I know my attention is elsewhere, but am I the only one who's not finding the FA Cup (with Budweiser) at all interesting this season? Just seems like the same old teams playing each other all the time and no shocks at all... The only game I've enjoyed was Wrexham v Brighton on S4C and I think that was more out of Welsh solidarity than anything else!
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