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Re: Talk of Bryan Singer's BSG project resurfaces

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Yeah, they persevered so well that got over it in 10 minutes.
Spare me...they faced plenty of challenges and setbacks, they just didn't spend entire episodes pissing and moaning about it, unlike NuGalactica.

People are tired of popular entertainments that are as mired in the muck as their real lives. We've just come out of a dark decade and are staring down the barrel of another one (at the rate we're going, anyways). That's grim and depressing enough without having to wallow in angst in our entertainments as well.
I completely agree.

But let's not forget that the younger generation mistakenly equate "angst" with "quality", as though it were some sort of Holy Grail, so, we're more likely to get more "dark and gritty" BS than we are anything else.
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