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Re: Does It Get Better???

Well as I've said "Message in a Bottle" is its own story, it never claimed it would feature the Dominion or DS9 so being disappointed it didn't makes no sense to me.

RE: Hunters- its a good episode but not great, there's something about Jeri Taylor's writing that is really quite middle of the road, she rarely ever bangs it out of the park.
I'm disappointed that they cut the Janeway/Chakotay kissing scene from this episode that was supposed to lead to their romance. Janeway desperately needed humanizing in this show and a relationship would have been a good way to do that.

RE: Prey - on of Trek's finest episodes. The conflict between Janeway and Seven is something the show has really lacked in the first three seasons due to far too much safe storytelling. Seven finally brought some conflict and another point of view, when that should have been the Maquis all along. Good to see her face up to Janeway and openly disagree "And you will fail" and a fantastic ending. Janeway is basically pwned by Seven at the end.
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