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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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God that pictures rocks!
It's a screencap from some behind the scenes documentary I watched on Youtube some years back, which is why the quality is so crappy. I just wanted an image of him wearing the t-shirt but the only time it was in full view was when he did that with his arms, but that just ended up making the image even better!

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Whatever is this 'b-plot' people keep talking about with this episode?

It keeps the star.

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He said "what the hell are you watching here?!" I responded with.... "yeah, I know, it's not one of the great ones is it?" To which he said "GREAT?! Christ, it's not even any good!" He then turned around and walked out. I don't blame him.
Your dad has better taste than mine. I remember watching some rerun of The Way of the Warrior, the big battle was just getting underway when my dad walked in, watched it for about 5 seconds and said "Not this crap again" and walked out. Crap?! The Khitomer Accord had just broken down and the Federation and Klingons were descending into war just as the Founders wanted, and there was an action scene taking place on a scale not before seen on Star Trek? Crap?!

I still pretend to care about him for the sake of my eventual inheritance, but there's no love there anymore.

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This ought to help get that out of your head....

Get that Fair Haven crap out of this thread!
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