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Re: Does It Get Better???

Hunters: A good follow up to Message In a Bottle. We learn more about the Hirogen, and the relay station is used to retrieve messages from the Alpha Quadrant. I thought the B-Plot with the letters was very moving, but also quite sad. Chakotay discovers that the Dominion have wiped out the Maquis, Janeway discovers that her fiance has married another women, and Paris isn't able to retrieve the letter from his father.
I also enjoyed the scenes on the Hirogen ship.
No complaints.

Prey: A great follow-up to Hunters. The star of this episode, IMO, was Seven of Nine. I loved her attitude and the way she disobeyed Janeway's orders in order to save the ship. Right now I think she's one of the most multidimensional characters on the show. She doesn't blindly follow Janeway's like everyone else. She thinks for herself, speaks her mind, and if she thinks the captain is wrong she takes action.
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