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Re: Does It Get Better???

Is it worth mentioning that DS9 introduced cannon that prevents a decent EMH/DS9 crossover? The EMH would have been stuck in Quark's.

Doctor Bashir, I Presume
BASHIR: A holographic doctor can literally replace a starship's medical officer during an emergency.
ZIMMERMAN: I'm surprised you don't have one on the station.
SISKO: The station facilities are Cardassian in origin. Most of our equipment is incompatible with Federation technology.

And from The Search, Bashir doesn't make the Defiant's sickbay sound as advanced as the average SF except for its battle systems. No mention of holo-emiters until they use the silly communication one for all of 2 episodes.

IMO, any attempt of a Voyager/DS9 crossover would come off forced or simply bad if they resorted to all holograms. I guess Q could have done it and pit the two crews against each other in some silly scenario. Might as well add send Picard, Bateson, Kirk, and Garrett invites at that point.
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