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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Kaylee the mechanic from Serenity. She's a Federation Engineer. My current FED Engr, Jho'dig, was my first character and I made some mistakes with him. I'm a little seasoned now, so should do better. Trying to get the new toon to look as much like the person as possible. Any of you artistic souls feel free to give suggestions for color or other settings. (like use A19 for hair, etc...) Thanks!

hmm intriguing... i'll have a go and see what i can do for this

Okay, here's my Kaylee. Appreciate the suggestion from Methos and Overlord. I kept the green eyes, but changed the hair color and shine to close to pretty close to Methos. I did not find those uniform choices. Her options are just the starting uniforms plus TOS.

It's not possible to truly capture the beauty of Jewel Staite with a toon, but this is about a close as I can get.

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