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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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The one star is worth it, Admiral Shran.
I agree, but I think you meant to say Sykonee instead of me.

To be honest, I had forgotten that this B-plot was in this episode. It's something that I at least remember with some joy, unlike the rest of this santorum.

Seriously, Trek has only done one romance-of-the-week episode that was any good, and this is not it!

I remember when I first watched Meridian when it originally aired. My dad walked into the living room during the scene where Dax is asked to stay and she gleefully responds with "WHAT DO YOU THINK?!" and throws her arms around Deral. He said "what the hell are you watching here?!" I responded with.... "yeah, I know, it's not one of the great ones is it?" To which he said "GREAT?! Christ, it's not even any good!" He then turned around and walked out. I don't blame him.

Recently, I've had my parents watching all of DS9 for the first time. When they got to Meridian, they both said that it was okay. Senility is the only explanation I can think of.
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