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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

1) The Artist (2011) - A+
2) Midnight in Paris (2011) - B

There was a scene in this movie where Gil (Owen Wilson) was being shown some artwork and the room was pretty much plain white with just posters hanging around. Well, I wonder if I can compare that scene to how I feel about Woody Allan as a whole. He's a great director, don't get me wrong, but I find a lot of what he does to be dry and his "comedies" aren't really comedies. Now I'm all for subtility, but I have to laugh somehow at a comedy, right? I don't find his comedies all that funny.

So that brings us to Midnight in Paris, which I actually really liked. It's a movie that explores nolstagia vs. present and it's something that I'm sure all of us deal with in our lives. I know I would much rather live back in the 90s, mainly because I found that decade just really fun to live in, unlike now where it feels like the world around me is falling apart. This movie deals with being in the present, vs. being transported back to the 1920s. I really liked that theme and the characters in this movie were well defined and greatly acted. However, the reason it get's a B is because of what I started with. This movie is considered a comedy, but it felt really dry at various parts. There might have been one scene where I laughed, but I wouldn't call this a comedy by any stretch. Still, a good movie, but probably not going to win Best Picture.

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