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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I'm just having a difficult time wrapping my head around why you folks think a DS9 crossover would be such a terrible idea. Please enlighten me.
A crossover does not make something automatically good. Good writing, acting and direction makes something good and "Message in a Bottle" had that in spades. How would the humor or meaning of the episode be improved if Jadzia and Quark had randomly showed up for 5 seconds? "Birthright Part I" had a crossover with DS9 and it wasn't a particularly good episode because the story wasn't that interesting and the writing wasn't that arresting either.

The writers of this episode obviously came up with an idea where our doctor would interact with a snooty EMH Mk II and co-operate with him to save a Federation ship occupied by Romulans. That was the story concept and actually a very unique and solid one so they made the episode. I don't see an episode being much better if they'd started out with the concept "Let's shoehorn a DS9 crossover in somehow".

If they'd wanted a DS9 crossover, they would have come up with a suitable storyline.

On a related note. One of my Voyager story ideas would have Harry Kim in a shuttle sucked into an unstable one-way wormhole back into the Alpha Quadrant. Once there, the task of finding a way to make the wormhole work both ways so a ship can be sent through to fetch Voyager is left in the hands of a science team and Harry is enlisted into the fleet to help in the war against the Dominion at its most hopeless stage. After a month of experiencing unimaginable destruction, death and dread (and maybe some DS9 crossover), he hears word that the team have succeeded in stabilizing the wormhole for two way travel. He steals a shuttle and heads into the wormhole before anyone else and once back in the Delta Quadrant, he destroys the wormhole, erases the shuttle logs and heads out to find Voyager again. The story would have given Harry some depth - he may be seen as a coward but also as someone who didn't want to see his Voyager family very likely destroyed in a war that the Feds seemed to be losing. Frankly, I think such a story would give Harry much needed depth. I'd rather see Harry be a coward than a cardboard cutout!
Any opinions on this story appreciated!!!!

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There's no reason the Prometheus couldn't have been somewhere else, and while I love DS9 they certainly seemed to not infrequently have episodes during the war that still had little to do with it.
Looking at the geography of the Federation/galaxy whatever. The Prometheus is practically right up at the Beta quadrant if not in it. Thats geographically far from DS9.
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