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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

The one star is worth it, Admiral Shran. The B plot is just a funny little thing. Basically, Jeffrey Combs, or whetever character he's playing this week, shows up, and wants Quark to make him a sleazy holographic program with Kira as the star. Quark does this, but Kira gets wind of it. Later when Shran/Weyoun/Brunt/whoever goes into ther holosuite, we find Quark's head on the female body that was originally Kira!

It's certainly not series-best comedy by any stretch, but it's funny, and it seems a lot better when compared with the rest of the awful episode.

Romance of the week is a sucky concept - we've talked about it a lot already in this thread. I'm just not sure why Jadzia would fall in love with that boring guy so quickly, and also be willing to trap her symbiant in that sucky existence for the rest of its life.

It's absolute nonsense, and I wish that the story had turned out be a drug-induced side-quest of Quark's holoprogram.
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